Mold on a wall in a Pasa Robles home Stop Mold Cold to Avoid Serious Damage to Your Home!

Mold is one of the worst problems to experience in your property. Mold grows in areas that are damp or wet. Almost any material in a home can become infected with mold. Mold can start to appear in just 48 hours.

Mold can cause damage to the structural integrity of a building. However, the way mold can often be the worst is via your health. If you see mold, don’t wait. It is very important to move quickly before it starts making anyone sick. ServiceMaster by CME is available day or night, and our trained specialists have the equipment needed to get the job done.

The equipment we use on mold is the best available. One such tool is infrared technology that we use during our mold detection to remove mold and protect your home or business.

ServiceMaster by CME are experts in mold removal and remediation.  Each of our employees is professionally certified and trained by the IICRC, the leading industry nonprofit association dedicated to inspection, cleaning, and restoration. We are happy when a homeowner is asking questions trying about our employees because if you try to remove mold without the proper training you can cause damage to the property.

Our team of specialists will tackle any mold damage you throw at us – no job is too big. We work for you; ServiceMaster will remove any mold problems with care and precision. At ServiceMaster by CME we’re proud to serve the communities we grew up in, Stanislaus and Merced counties.

For every job, we develop a custom plan to help get the mold out of your home. We also have a long history of working fast with insurance companies to save you time and get the job done quickly.

What is Mold?

Mold is a microscopic life form. It is a natural part of the process when organic matter decays. There are many different types of mold. However, they all share some similar traits:

  1. Mold needs an organic food source to grow. The most common indoor mold is cellulose and you find it in building materials such as wood and drywall.
  2. Mold needs oxygen and you will not find it underwater.
  3. To live, mold needs water or moisture. This is why buildings must be kept dry to prevent mold.
  4. Mold spreads through spores which are tiny, microscopic particles. Spores may be a greenish color, brown or black. Spores are usually visible and look like fuzzy growths on walls, floors or ceilings. This fuzzy-like growth may even emit an unpleasant, musty odor. As mold works to digest decaying organic matter, it can eventually destroy the surface it lives on.
  5. People exposed to mold may experience mild to severe allergic reactions.


What Steps Should I Take if I Suspect Mold?

  1. Begin with a professional inspection; at ServiceMaster by CME, you’ll receive a report that clarifies whether your problem is dangerous mold or not.
  2. Work with your chosen service provider to immediately repair and eliminate the problem causing moisture to enter the home.
  3. Make sure the company you hire reacts quickly to dry and clean impacted areas.
  4. Ensure that building structures and plumbing systems are up to code.
  5. Ensure that your service provider is documenting each step they take.
  6. Demand that your service company shares a remediation plan detailing the method, scope, time, and controls to be used during the project.
  7. Stay informed and alerted to any emergencies, especially if you or your family members need to be relocated.
  8. Ask your service provider to remove infected items under negative pressure containment and in a way that does not contaminate clean areas in your home.
  9. Be sure that each item that needs to be cleaned is itemized.
  10. Double-check that your HVAC systems are thoroughly inspected and decontaminated if necessary.
  11. As the project nears completion, visually inspect all areas to be sure that all visible contamination has been removed.
  12. At the end of the project, request clearance sampling is performed to ensure areas are safe for re-occupancy.

For expert care and the best-trained professionals in San Luis Obispo County, call ServiceMaster by CME today.

Mold Safety: What Services are Provided