Water Damage Tips

Avoiding water damage in the winter may feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to. A water disaster can cost you time, money, and many headaches.

The key to staying dry all winter long is preparation. Read on to find out what our disaster restoration experts suggest you should do to avoid water damage:

Fix Your Roof

Make sure that your roof is in tip-top condition before the winter. If you think your roof is damaged or has other problems, contact an expert to fix it. Roofs are not designed to hold significant weight. Typically, a roof can accumulate only 6 inches of snow. Procrastinating to remove the snow from the roof can cause a collapse, leading to severe property damage.

If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting the roof yourself, pass off the inspection task to an expert. They will check your roof from outside and inside to ensure it is in good condition. You may also want to opt for a yearly inspection of your roof before winter. This will help you prepare your roof for snowstorms or heavy snowfall.

Look for Ice Dams

Ice dams can cause leaks, leading to water damage in your house. If you notice ice dams on your roof, its means that warm air is escaping from your attic. Wondering what you can do? Insulating your attic will help you prevent this problem.

Hire an expert and ask them to install the best insulation in your house that is ideal for your location. Some common insulation is loose-fill and foam board insulation. Also, opt for at least R-30 insulation to prevent air from getting in and out of the roof.

Keep Your Pipes Warm

You need to keep your pipes warm to prevent them from bursting or leaking. You can opt for several methods, such as keeping the cabinet doors open so that warm air reaches your pipes. Additionally, you can purchase heat tape and cover your pipes.

The easiest yet most effective method is to keep one or two faucets on – allowing a trickle of water to fall from the pipe. You can also insulate your entire house so that there are no pipes exposed to freezing air.

Trust the Experts

If you get caught with water damage this winter, contact the experts at ServiceMaster by CME. We can help you restore your home and give you some tips to avoid issues in the future.